“Everyday is Pink Day” Artwork is based on an original design by the students of New Westminster Secondary School

About Us

In 2007, a Grade 9 student in Cambridge, NS wore a pink shirt to school and was bullied by other children. Taking notice, two Grade 12 students named Travis Price and David Shepherd rallied their friends to send a message to the bullies. The next day the halls were filled with kids in pink t-shirts. This was the beginning of Pink Day.

Pink Day is a project of Up-Standers; a network of people committed to educating by-standers. We are people who have at one point taken a stand with and for others. We work to educate others on how to make positive change in their schools, at work and in the world.

Bullying isn't just about kids, although one in seven of our children are victims. Bullying exists everywhere people live, learn, work and play. A number of recent studies conclude that those who see what is happening are the ones that can make a difference.

We are building on the worldwide movement Travis Price helped create. Through the purchase of a pink t-shirt and hat, you are taking a personal stand to prevent bullying, supporting the RespectED and bullying prevention programs of the Canadian Red Cross and helping to raise funds for your school or organization. On our pinkday.ca site you will also discover others resources and ideas to help you find other ways to make a real difference, through action at home, school, work and play.

On September 12, 2013, we want to inspire everyone to celebrate the power they have to make a difference and to reflect on what they can do about it themselves. And, our richly imagined outcome is to reach a time when all Canadians understand that “Every Day is Pink Day”.

Stand up with and for others,

Travis Price
Co-Founder, Pink Day
Founder, Pink Shirt Day
Paul Kells
Co-Founder, Pink Day
Founder, Up-Standers

A portion of all proceeds of merchandise sales will be directed to the Canadian Red Cross bullying prevention program, RespectED.

You can also make a direct donation to Canadian Red Cross RespectED here: